The Art of Storytelling


I don’t usually broadcast the fact that my husband and I work several nights a week as ghost tour guides in St. Augustine.  People tend not to take you seriously, and I work hard to be taken seriously as an author.

But what I love about doing the ghost tours is that it is storytelling in its most basic form.  In an age when people are addicted to the special effects of movies and TV, to be able to grab and hold their attention with just a compelling story, a costume and your voice is extremely rewarding.

This Halloween, my assignment was to portray a woman by the name of Catalina Morain.  Catalina was a real historical resident of St. Augustine, a lady of the night, who was imprisoned for her role in an unsolved murder that took place in 1785.  After researching at the historical society library, the challenge was to capture Catalina’s tale of deceit and betrayal in a 5-10 minute format that would instantly engage and hold the guests’ attention.

If you would like to read the results, let me know and I’ll email you Catalina’s story.

Happy Halloween!