“Tear a Page!”

Yesterday morning, my husband and I were at our local farmer’s market, and we stopped to chat with our friend Moises, a massage therapist. I mentioned to Moises that I was speaking that night to the Clay County Writers, and since it was brand-new program I was a little anxious about well it would come off. Moises wanted to give me some encouragement along the lines of “Break a leg!” and what he came up with, off the top off his head, was “Tear a page!”
I love it! It’s the perfect phrase for a writer facing an audience or an interview or any challenging event, and since Moises immediately added, “You can use that!” I passed it on to the writers last night. I plan to use it in the future also.
I’m glad to say my talk did go well. Thanks to Maureen Jung and the Clay County Writers for inviting me to speak and to Moises for his inspiration.