Please Read Slowly


It’s always gratifying to get a good review, and I am fortunate to have another one at

The reviewer, Arleigh Johnson, writes that although she never cared for Shakespeare in school, the novel has inspired her to buy a two-volume set of the Bard so she can revisit the plays in a new light.  But here is the line from the review that really gladdened my heart:

“I could have devoured this book in a matter of days, but I made myself read it slowly and take in every word, pausing to make notes and write down quotes as I went.”   –  Arleigh Johnson

Yes!  I do understand that having written a book readers can’t put down is a very good sign.  But I also hope that when readers come across any enthralling book, they will feel justified in taking their time.

So in these long, hot days of summer, please sit back, sip an iced tea, and read slowly.  There are elegant words and spine-tingling phrases waiting to be savored, vibrant characters and powerful ideas yearning to challenge your mind.