New Novel (Almost) Finished


Writing fiction is like walking a tightrope with no net underneath—you never know when you start whether you’ll make it safely to the other side.  My latest novel has really put that simile to the test.  I had no idea when I started it where the story or the characters would end up, and I made many missteps along the way.  However, it is now in the hands of a very capable group of readers, and their critiques will help determine the final shape of the book.  A teaser for the book is below:


When Hubert Lamb and his wife Felicia retire to Florida, they think they’ve found their own private paradise—until an act of God leaves a body floating face down in Hubert’s swimming pool.  The dead man is a dead ringer for Jesus, so perhaps it’s not surprising when Hubert acquires a halo and “miracles” begin to occur, thanks to the water in his pool.  Soon Hubert must contend with faith healings and a megachurch led by the charismatic Pastor Brad Light, the arrival of a pregnant fifteen-year-old runaway named Genie, and the glare of worldwide publicity, all while struggling with the shock and grief of a personal tragedy.

Will Hubert survive the assaults on his privacy and his reputation?  Will he hold onto his identity, or should he remake himself to fit the spotlight and seize the opportunity to become a celebrity?  Most important, how will he uncover the truth about his miracle pool and make peace with his own long-dormant beliefs when everyone is telling—and selling—a different story?  It’s all a bit much, especially for a man who knows in his heart he’s never been special in any way.