Hollywood Update


When I posted back in October that The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare and How (Not) to Have a Perfect Wedding were being represented for film rights in Hollywood, I wasn’t holding my breath that anything would happen.  I have enough friends who have tried to break into screenwriting to know that Hollywood is something of a black hole into which hopes and dreams get sucked, never to be seen again.

So I don’t mind telling everyone who has asked that so far nothing further has transpired.  The novels are still being represented, and once the holidays are over, the movers and shakers in Hollywood may be ready to start something new.

However, I do know which actress I want to play Anne Shakespeare should that novel make it to the screen:  Cate Blanchett.  In the novel, Anne ages from a young woman to a widow on her deathbed and matures from an intelligent but untutored girl to a powerful and passionate playwright.  I think it is a role any actress would crave.

So, if you happen to be Cate Blanchett dropping by my website, please check out my book and let’s talk.