There’s nothing like going out on the road to promote your book to make you question the nature of fame.  One night I’m speaking to a full house at a university writers’ series, the next night at a bookstore I have six people in the audience (one of whom is my husband).  So you could either let it go to your head or allow it to drain whatever self-confidence you possess.  For me, the only cure is to come home and reground myself in what’s important:  the writing.

But I’m still fascinated by the question of who becomes famous and why, especially because it’s one of the themes in my new novel-in-progress.  In the novel, a very ordinary man becomes the focus of a media frenzy and is forced to deal with both the notoriety and the opportunities thrust upon him.  How will he handle the assaults on his privacy and his reputation?  How will he hold onto his identity, or should he let himself be remade to fit the spotlight?

My character and I don’t have all the answers  yet, but wrestling with questions like these is what makes writing fiction so absorbing.

Photo shoot at Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta
Lecture at Savannah College of Art and Design, Atlanta
Student workshop at Atlanta College of Art and Design, Atlanta

Thanks to everyone for making my trip to Atlanta so enjoyable!