Calling Cate, Jude, Helen and Tom


I’ve posted before that should The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare become a movie, I want Cate Blanchette to play Anne.  But I’ve been stumped to cast an actor for Will.  Then last night, at a book club meeting here in St. Augustine, one of the members suggested Jude Law.  H’mm, that could work.  Mr. Law has a knack for portraying characters who are less than perfect, and since my Will is not the saint the bardolaters make him out to be, Jude might be my man.

The book club members also suggested Helen Mirren to play Bess of Hardwick.  Helen Mirren playing any part in my novel is fine with me.  Then this morning, I had a flash that Tom Wilkinson would be spot on to play Will’s blustering father, John Shakespeare.

So, Cate, Jude, Helen, Tom–call me, let’s do lunch, let’s talk!  I’ll even throw in a guided tour of St. Augustine.

If anyone else has other suggestions for actors, please pass them along.