Best of 2010


I have had my head so buried in my new novel that I only recently discovered that The Secret Confessions of Anne Shakespeare has been named to two “Best of 2010” book blog lists. selected it as the “Absolute Favorite of 2010” and wrote:  “This is a book to savor!…a very mature, well-written story and absolutely plausible…I copied quote after quote from this book, and rarely do I read a book and feel the inclination to do so…a very noteworthy read!

Bippity Boppity listed it as one of its top ten historical fiction reads of 2010 and wrote:  “Anne goes on to tell her story in a voice that is believable and so alive.  I really loved this character and I love when an author can take a character that was a mere footnote in history and craft such a wonderful story about them.”

My thanks to all the book bloggers who have read and reviewed the novel.  Anne would be immensely pleased.