A War Novel for Christmas


Recommending a war novel as a Christmas gift may sound strange, but Occupying Powers by my friend and fellow writer Clint Hull isn’t your typical WW II guts-and-glory tale.  It’s the thoughtful story of young Chet Devlin, who, while serving as a medic in the Philippines and occupied Japan, must confront not only the devastation of war, but his own wavering religious convictions and doubts about his sexual orientation.  Complicating and illuminating Chet’s journey are his relationships with his Army buddies and a pair of Japanese women who befriend him.  There are still combat scenes—and Clint, a WW II veteran, knows whereof he writes—but it’s Chet’s determination to find the truth at the core of his experiences that makes Occupying Powers a deeper read.

Please check it out at BookLocker or Amazon for all the readers, and especially the WW II vets, on your Christmas list.