The Kingsley House Goes Electronic


I’m delighted to announce that my first novel, The Kingsley House, is now available as an ebook on both Kindle and Nook.  This option didn’t even exist when The Kingsley House was originally published in hardcover by St. Martin’s Press in 2000.

Publishing the novel as an ebook, however, was far from easy.  In addition to the usual learning curve when dealing with any new technology, the novel contains both graphic elements and family trees that require special formatting.  Nevertheless, my tech consultant (aka my husband, Eric) persevered and got the book up on Kindle.  Nook with its ePub format proved a different story.  Every time we got one glitch corrected, a new one appeared.  Moreover, whereas Kindle provides fairly good author support–we emailed them a half dozen times and in each instance but one had a reply within 24 hours–Nook leaves authors in the lurch.  They rather grudgingly answered one email, then directed me to their users’ forum where we searched for several hours for answers to our particular issues to no avail.

Enter John E. Simmons, a Jacksonville book consultant who was recommended to me by another writer.  Step by step, he solved every problem and kept me updated on his progress via regular emails.  He made suggestions to improve the ebook’s appearance and readability and addressed every one of my requests for changes.  I care passionately about putting out the best book I possibly can, and John is equally conscientious about his craft.  He created both an ePub and an improved Kindle file for the book.  If you are a writer in need of ebook conversions and/or proofreading services, I highly recommend you contact John.

My thanks to those who have already purchased The Kingsley House on Kindle, and I invite those of you who use Nook to check it out.  As always, if your book club chooses one of my novels, let me know and we can chat via Skype.